Natália Pimenta Monteiro

Assistant Professor of Economics



Economics Department

School of Economics and Management

University of Minho

Campus de Gualtar


Braga, Portugal 


00 351 253 604 539 (ext. 604 539)



EEG 1.46

Office hours:

Monday: 14.00 -17.00; or email me for an appointment






Teaching 2017/18 

o   Instrumentos de Apoio à Economia e Gestão – Licenciatura em Economia



Research Interests

o   Labour Economics

o   Industrial Economics

o   Applied Econometrics


International Publications

o   Are cooperatives more productive than investor-owned firms? Cross-industry evidence from Portugal (with Odd Rune Straume), Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, vol. 89, 377-414, 2018.


o   "Scale, scope and survival: A comparison of cooperative and capitalist modes of production" (with Geoff Stewart), Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 47, 91-118, 2015.

o   "The effect of private versus public ownership on labour earnings" (with Paulo Bastos and Odd Rune Straume), Oxford Economic Papers, vol. 66, 983-1005, 2014. 

o   "The impact of private versus public ownership on the level and structure of employment" (with Paulo Bastos and Odd Rune Straume), Economics of Transition, vol. 22 (2), 247-280, 2014.

o   "Restructuring in privatised firms: a Statis approach" (with Adelaide Figueiredo, Fernanda Figueiredo and Odd Rune Straume), Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, vol. 23 (1), 108-116, 2012.

o   "Firm ownership and rent sharing" (with Miguel Portela and Odd Rune Straume), Journal of Labor Research, vol. 32, 210-236, 2011.

o   "Managers and wage policies" (with Paulo Bastos), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, vol. 20 (4), 957-984, 2011.

o   "Rent sharing in Portuguese banking" (with Miguel Portela), The Manchester School, vol. 79 (4), 861-883, 2011. 

o   "Using propensity matching estimators to examine the effect of privatization on wages", Applied Economics, vol. 42 (10), 1293-1313, 2010.

o   "Regulatory reform and labour earnings in Portuguese banking", Empirical Economics, vol. 36, 557–574, 2009.

o   "Firm heterogeneity and wages in unionised labour markets: Theory and evidence" (with Paulo Bastos and Odd Rune Straume), Labour Economics, vol. 16 (4), 440-450, 2009.


Work in Progress

o   Foreign acquisition and internal organization (with Paulo Bastos and Odd Rune Straume).

o   Information and communication technology and labor market outcomes.

o   Management of human resources and firm performance.


Present and Past Responsibilities

o   Co-organizer of the NIPE Summer School 2018 with Badi Baltagi (Syracuse University).

o   Co-organizer of the NIPE Summer School 2017 with Roger Koenker (University of Illinois).

o   Co-organizer of the NIPE Summer School 2016 with Yacine Ait-Sahalia (Princeton University).

o   Seminar co-organizer of NIPE (2014- ).

o   Co-organizer of the NIPE Summer School 2015 with Francis X. Diebold.

o   Co-organizer of the NIPE Summer School 2014 "Empirical Financial Economics" with Stephen Brown.

o   Vice-Director of NIPE research unit (2013 - ).

o   Co-organizer of the NIPE Summer School 2011 “Duration Analysis” with Nicholas Kiefer.

o   Responsible for the Data Lab (with Miguel Portela, João Cerejeira, Natália Barbosa and Priscila Ferreira).

o   Co-organizer of NIPE Workshop 2009 - Economic Analysis Using Linked Employer and Employee Data with David Card.

o   Organizer of the PhD Workshop (2008, 2009 and 2010).

o   Organizer of the Summer School 2005 "Dynamic Panel Data Analysis" with Frank Windmeijer.

o   Seminar organizer of the economics department, 2004-05.

Last updated: Jan. 2018

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