Paulo Reis Mourão

Paulo Reis Mourao, Ph.D.


Department of Economics

Economics & Management School                                                                                                       

University of Minho

4700 Braga - Portugal



5 of my Articles:

Mourao, P. 2012: "Review of 'A Questão Financeira Resolvida' by José Barbosa Leão"; Journal of Economic Literature; 50 (4); pp.1127-1130 [JCR Impact factor 2011: 9.246]

Mourao, P. 2015. "The complex relation between the Belarusian trade openness and the agricultural sector"; Land Use Policy; 43(1); p. 74-81 [JCR Impact factor 2012: 3.134]

Mourao P. 2016: "Discussing structural breaks in the Portuguese regulation on forestfires—An economic approach"; Land Use Policy; 54 (2016); 460-478 [JCR impact factor 2014: 2.631] (co-author: V Martinho)

Mourao, P. 2012: “How the cake is distributed – the case of Portuguese Decentralized grants”; Environment and Planning A; 44 (2); p. 477-490 [JCR Impact factor 2010: 2.070]

Mourao, P. 2012: “The Indebtedness of Portuguese Soccer Teams – looking for determinants”; Journal of Sports Science; 30(10); 1025-1035 [JCR Impact factor 2010: 1.870]




Some Highlights & Awards:

2016: Top 5% Repec/Ideas (item 'Published Number of Journal Pages, weighted by number of Authors')

2012-2014: "Excellent" (RAD-EEG/UMinho)

2009-2011: "Excellent" (RAD-EEG/UMinho)

2015: Prize "Professor Albino Maria" for the Best Article from a Portuguese Author on Sports Economics

2013: Highly Commended Award at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013 (article: Mourao and Pereira, 2012, “Why does the Microcredit Borrowing Rate differ across countries? A Cross-Country Study”; International Journal of Social Economics; 39 (8)).

since 2012: Article with the Highest number of Downloads of Hacienda Publica Espanola since always (source: Ideas/Repec/LogEc): Mourão, P. (2008): “Towards a Puviani’s Fiscal Illusion Index” Hacienda Publica Espanola/Revista de Economia Publica; vol. 187, n 4; pp. 49-86 



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Most recent book: The Economics of Motorsports