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UMinho Summer School in Data Analysis

UMinho Summer School in Data Analysis
The UMinho-Exec Summer School in Data Analysis is a two-week event composed of a selected set of intensive courses designed to enhance methodological skills in data analysis, using widely known statistical packages. The courses are sutibale to graduate studens, academic researchers, and  non-academic staff that need to explore data in their day-to-day work. Basic knowledge of statistics and econometrics is recommended. The language of instruction is English.
Some of the courses taught at the Summer School are:
Regression and Causality

- Panel Data 
Survival Analysis (a.k.a. Duration Models, Hazard Models) 
- Applications of the Continuous Wavelet Transform to Economic Data
- Downside Risk Measures, 

- Financial Risk Management 
- Financial Market Volatility.

Introductory courses to statistical packages 
Stata and R
 are also available.