Universidade do Minho


Ricardo M. Sousa


London School of Economics and Political Science


Department of Economics


University of Minho


Campus of Gualtar


4710-057 - Braga - Portugal



Office: EEG - 2.11


          Phone: +351 253 601935


          Fax: +351 253 676375


          Email: rjsousa@eeg.uminho.pt, rjsousa@alumni.lse.ac.uk










I am a Senior Economist at the Economic and Market Analysis Division (EAM) of the European Stability Mechanism in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. I am also an Associate Professor with Tenure (on leave) at the Department of Economics and a Researcher at the Economic Policies Research Unit (NIPE) of the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal.


I hold a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science and I am a member of the LSE Alumni Association. At the LSE, I studied under the supervision of Alexander Michaelides (Department of Economics) and Christian Julliard (Department of Finance) and was affiliated at the Financial Markets Group (FMG).


My main research interests are: Macroeconomics, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Empirical Finance and Asset Pricing Models, International Finance, Housing Economics, Emerging Market Economies, Macro-Econometrics and Quantitative Methods, Economic Modeling, Bayesian Model Averaging and Bayesian Econometrics, Energy Economics, and Development and Growth.


Recent Policy Papers:


Recent Publications:

·         ”What is the impact of wealth shocks on asset allocation?”, Quantitative Finance2015, 15(3), 493-508.


Recent Working Papers:


Recent Conferences/Seminars:

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